2018 Mammoth Motocross

We Race. Sometimes.

It has now become a tradition for the Fasthouse crew to make the trek up the mountain to the town of Mammoth Lakes for 12 days of dirt bikes and good times. With Darryn Durham taking two of the three Pro Class wins, and countless memories made along the way, the 51st annual Mammoth Mountain Motocross was one for the books this year.

The kids take to the mountain

Following the vet racers battling it out for bears and having a good time, the kids get their crack at the picturesque Mammoth track, leading off the main week of racing. This year, Talon Hawkins flew the Fasthouse flag for the crew, running up front in the mini classes and showing everyone that he’s a future star of the sport. The two days of racing are a rad preview of what the next crop of racers can do, as well as a time for the parents to enjoy standing alongside their children while they do what they love.

Filming, bowling, and good times

There’s a lot to do while you’re up at the race. Mammoth has so much to offer, it’d be a shame to only visit the track. During our 12-day stay, we managed to cruise through town on two wheels, do some filming, and participate in the annual bowling tournament on Thursday evening.

Bear Hunting

The final weekend of racing always means some of the fastest riders, and this year was no different. After winning all three Pro Classes 10 years ago, Durham has the same goal in mind this year. Unfortunately, after he exerted himself to get the win in Open Pro and 250 Pro, the high altitude got the best of him, forcing him to pull out of the final day of racing. In spite of that, there was nothing but excitement for his two impressive victories. Overall, the Fasthouse crew was well represented with numerous riders contesting the various classes over the course of three days of racing.

Big kids on little bikes

Capping off the long event is the annual pit bike race in the village on Saturday night. It’s usually a very sketchy affair and this year’s race didn’t disappoint. For the second year in a row, the Fasthouse team emerged victorious—albeit slightly bloodied—with Colin Schirmer and Willy Simons Jr taking the team race win together.