Surfercross began years ago as a simple way for surfers and motocrossers to crossover and enjoy two sports that have a heavy influence in Southern California, but it has grown into a yearly event that anyone who’s ever attended doesn’t want to miss. Now in its 20thyear, the event that is like no other is still more about a good time than a competition. The surfers get to have a little chuckle as the motocrossers try to catch waves, and the motocrossers get to do the same as surfers circulate the Milestone motocross track. Simply put, it’s two days of fun in the sun and summer heat. This year’s big winners in the Pro Class were Fasthouse’s Caile Noble and pro surfer Brandon Tipton. Making the victory even sweeter was the fact that they took the win after a tie breaker with former two-time Sufercross winner Sunny Garcia and his teammate Mike Brown.


The first day was met with extreme triple-digit temperatures, as the competition took to the track at Milestone MX in Riverside, California. Taking the overall win in the Pro Class was the team of Ricky Yorks and Forrest Minchinton. In the Industry Class, Micah Davis and Albert Mendes were the big winners.


The second day of competition was held at Trail 7 at San Onofre State Beach. The competitors were greeted by a decent swell that wasn’t too difficult for the mxers, but also offered some decent waves for the pro surfers to have some fun. Taking the overall Pro Class win in surfing was Caile Noble and Brandon Tipton, which also helped to secure them the overall victory for the two days. In the Industry Class, Matt Collins and Patrick Evans were the winners, but ultimately, MX winners Davis and Mendes took the Industry overall victory.