By Land and Sea

Surfercross Beach Bash 2019

The legendary Surfercross came and went this week, and The Fasthouse had a damn good time helping out. The two-day competition spawned from the rad mind of Jeremy “J-Bone” Albrecht turned 21 this year, and what started as an ode to the Surf and Moto scene that shaped the So-Cal culture, continues to prove to be the Summer party you don’t want to miss.

Like every year, Surfercross pairs one moto-head with one surfer, and together, the duos compete in events crossing over from land to sea, offering tips to their partner on how to handle the respective terrain, but mostly sharing laughs at surfers eating dirt on the track, and riders floundering in the salty So-Cal coast.

From Milestone to San Onofre

The first day was hotter than burnt rubber, hitting highs of 105 during the Motos at Milestone MX, and cooking teams under the Riverside sun, but if you managed not to melt, then you had the waves of San Onofre State Beach to cool off next day. Maybe you walked away with a trophy, maybe you didn’t. But one thing is sure; from surfer-dude, to moto-guy, to industry insider; everyone there came home a winner.
We want to thank Jeremy for putting up with us for another year, and can’t wait for the next. Speed. Style. Good Times.

Photos by Max Mandell | @maxmandell_