Durham Goes Silent

In case you haven't noticed, there's a silent movement happening in the sport of motocross. Over the past few years, Alta has been making major strides in manufacturering a race-ready electric motocross bike. And after spending numerous days at the track with the Alta crew, Darryn Durham decided to put the machine to the test, racing in the annual TransWorld Motocross Slam event at Milestone MX Park. The Slam race is unlike any other, pitting 10 top pros against each other in two five-lap motos with the winner taking the $5,000 lion's share of the $10,000 pro purse. Practice for DD went relatively smoothly, as he went down a couple times while pushing the proverbial envelope aboard the Redshift, but in the end, he made it into the main event. Against the 10 other gas powered MX bikes, Darryn held his own, stayed out of trouble—for the most part—and turned in a solid finish in the Redshift's first official motocross race. The Redshift stood up to the abuse, proving that the future looks bright for the electric movement. Relive the weekend with some killer photos from the Alta crew.