Fastest Party in Town

What began as a small gathering hosted by the Hollywood stunt and film community—and organized by Kenny Alexander and his wife Amber—19 years ago has blossomed into one of the biggest motorcycle gatherings west of the Mississippi. Every Thanksgiving weekend, thousands flock to Southern California for the annual Red Bull Day In The Dirt. And this year's event was one of the most memorable yet, as Mother Nature had her way of turning an already epic weekend into one filled with mud, adverse conditions, and even more fun. A photo is worth 1,000 words, and we're going to stop talking and just show you what went down.

Friday Night 805 Drag Races

Backyard racing is where it all began. Who hasn't lined up with your buddies, dropped the clutch, and held the throttle on all in the name of glory? In honor of this time-honored tradition, 805, Hell On Wheels, and Fasthouse teamed up to bring a backyard-style drag race to the middle of pit row. To say it got sketchy would be an understatement...

Hands On Helmets

With rain in the forecast for Sunday, Saturday was the chance to get some racing in before the track got wet and things got slippery. As per usual, Fasthouse riders were at the front of the pack all throughout the day, with Trevor Stewart, Blayne Thompson, and Lil' Will Simons taking home the Bossa Nova three man team race win.

The Skies Open

Just as the weather man predicted, the skies opened up at 3:00 pm on Saturday and never really subsided for the rest of the weekend. The steady downpour forced the Hell On Wheels TT and Roland Sands Super Hooligan events to be held in the mud, making for some pretty rad photos. In spite of the wet weather, everyone still had ear-to-ear grins when they pulled off their helmets and reached for a cold one.

Day In The Mud

It rained all night, but Kenny Alexander and the crew worked tirelessly to get the track ready for the final day of racing. After scouting the ridgeline at 3:00 AM, they got to work, re-routing the track and prepping it before more rain hit just before the Moto A Go-Go team race. Once the downpour began, though, all bets were off—Glen Helen turned into a soupy mess.