Good Times At 8,000 FT

Now in it's 50th year, the Mammoth Mountain Motocross race is one of the longest running MX events in the United States. Each year, thousands of participants make the trek up the mountain for 10 days of racing, good times, and a little relaxation. This year, the Fasthouse crew went all out, debuting some rad new gear while showing everyone what it means to have a good times at the races. It isn't always about winning. For us, it's about the memories made and the lasting friendships that are cultivated through a mutual love of two wheel fun.

Old Guys Hit The Track

The first weekend of competition is for vet racing. And due to the fact that everyone in attendance has to clock in for work on Monday, it's usually a more low-key atmosphere. In spite of that, though, it doesn't mean that the racing is any less entertaining—it's just a little safer and a little less risks are taken by the riders. Vet weekend also gives all the working class members of the Fasthouse crew a chance to let loose, twist the throttle, and relive their glory years.

Smoke And Fire

When rules were few and men rode heavy ill-handling pieces of machinery—those are the days we love to relive through the annual Smoke And Fire vintage race. This year's event was stacked with two gates and multiple classes lined up for battle. The smell of premix in the air and the sound of two-strokes echoing off the pine trees was music to our ears.

Silent Fun

During Thursday practice, our friends at Alta Motorcycles gave Darryn Durham a chance to spin some laps aboard their impressive electric motocross bike. Over the course of the practice session, DD got more and more comfortable as he silently ripped past riders and threw whips off the Mammoth Freeway table tops. "I feel like I could almost go faster on that bike than my 450," he proclaimed at the conclusion of the joy ride.

Throwing Strikes

On track fun isn't all that the Mammoth Motocross has to offer. Not only does the mountain allow for all types of outdoor activities—fishing, mountain biking, and even skiing this year—but in conjunction with the event, Fasthouse and 805 Beer put on a rad bowling tournament on Thursday evening at the Rock And Bowl facility. Our own team may not have won, but if there were a competition for fun, we would've taken home the gold. Good times were had, cold 805s were consumed, and plenty of gutter balls were thrown.

The Big Show

With over 4,000 riders during the 10-day event, the final weekend easily drew the largest numbers, and our crew was well represented. Justin Hoeft, Darryn Durham, Kai Mukai, Deegan Vonlossberg, RJ Wageman, and Blayne Thompson all represented FH well in the stacked pro classes. In the pits, they were also well supported, as Thousand Oaks Motorsports and Twisted Development took care of the wrenching on the Gasper Racing machines that Hoeft and Durham competed on. In spite of not taking home the big wooden overall bear in the pro classes—that went to up-and-coming Yamaha rider Justin Cooper—our guys still looked the raddest, turned the most heads, and had the most fun.

Getting Sketchy

Every year, the race is capped off with some sort of sketchy team racing in the Mammoth Village on Saturday evening. Last year, it was downhill adult big wheel racing, but in previous years adult mini bike racing was held. After surprisingly making it through last year without any major injuries sustained on the big wheels, Mammoth promoters decided to bring back the mini bikes. It'll be safer they said... It'll be easier they said... With a snow triple, sketchy skateboard ramps, and metal rumble strip whoop sections, this year's mini bike race was anything but mellow and safe. When it was all said and done, though, only one racer limped away injured, and the Fasthouse team of Kai Mukai and Josh Kaller took home the coveted wooden bears.