Hot August Nights


Racing motorcycles has been, and should always be, about having fun. Good times on two wheels is at the core of what Hell On Wheels is about, and this year’s Hot August Nights event in City of Industry’s Expo Center was nothing short of exactly that. An evening of turning left with classes for everything from mini bikes to vintage machines to even three-wheelers. If you’ve never ridden—or raced—flat track, there’s a lot more to it than just turning left, and it’s one of the most fun forms of motorcycle racing out there.


White Lightning with the signature white jersey and white jeans, was originally introduced three years ago, during a Hell On Wheels event where Sean Collier and Brendan Lutes went 1-2 in the Vintage Class. Nowadays, when the Fasthouse crew shows up for a vintage race, you can expect to see nothing but a sea of white. And at Hot August Nights, FH White Lightning members dominated the action, while smiling and laughing the entire time.


Hell on Wheels events are always more about inclusion and fun, rather than flashy bikes and results. Every class is aimed at allowing anyone to have a good time, twist the throttle, and battle with their buddies. When held on a flat track, the HOW races take on an even more grass-roots feel, allowing everyone to spin laps and enjoy the evening.