Red Bull Day In The Dirt 26

Once It Gets in your blood it stays with you forever

The Race, the party. Red Bull Day In The Dirt is a gathering like no other. Dirt Bike lovers, young and old, come to enjoy the intense racing scene and good times with friends and family. The FH Crew, Red Bull, and 805 Beer spent weeks transforming Glen Helen Raceway into a slice of dirt bike heaven. Creating an environment that strikes a nerve in everyone who rolls through the front gate.

The Race

Kenny Alexander arrives at Glen Helen Raceway days before Thanksgiving with a vision in mind of creating a Grand Prix-style track that is both fast, fun, and tough. Working side by side with the talented tractor crew at Glen Helen, they carve into the landscape a challenging course with enough flow to bring a smile to every competitor’s face. Unlike a normal Grand Prix, Red Bull Day In The Dirt adds more fun and craziness to the scene with races like the Stunt GP Team Race, The Bossa Nova, The Moto a go-go, and Coup De Grace. Winning one of these races seems to be what everyone is after, and it is pure fun going head-to-head racing with and against your buddies. With Hundreds of bikes on the track, it gets beaten and technical, adding to the challenge and creating stories that are told for years to come.

The Scene

Racers pull off the track and weave through the sea of campers and RVs on their way to their personal base camp. For a weekend, Glen Helen becomes a temporary city hosting some of the coolest characters in Motocross. The fun doesn’t end once you pull off the track, and for most, that’s when the good times begin. Sitting around the campfire telling war stories, hanging out with neighbors, getting sketchy at the pit bike track, walking down the main street, and heading over to the 805 Beer Base Camp for a cold one. There is always something to keep the stoke alive.

805 Happy Hour

805 Beer expanded its footprint this year, adding more flavor and kickback space that everyone enjoyed. The Friday night happy hour was a hit as they dished out free dogs and provided a great atmosphere to kick off the weekend. The beer was cold, the conversation was intense, and laughter filled the cool air as day became night at DITD.

The Party

After all the racing on Saturday is said and done, the Hell On Wheels takeover begins. Hundreds of spectators and participants head over to the quickly transformed Kids’ track to be a part of the cool and hectic spectacle that is Hell On Wheels. From vintage bikes to pit bikes, this run what you brung race has few rules, and that is just the way we like it. The music is pumping, and the 805 Beer is flowing as racers put on a show unlike anything else at DITD.

Fast Times

Once the sun sets, it is time for the famous barn party. The Fast Times band takes the stage and rips into the night, playing classic rock that gets everyone’s vocal cords worn out after singing along to every song. After the last song is played, folks retreat to their camp for some late-night Thanksgiving leftover munchies and a few more cold ones.  

For The Love of it

After 26 years of putting on the Fastest party in town, we are blessed to have such a dedicated crew that returns year after year. These crew members are our family, and they are what make Day In The Dirt so special. We are grateful to be able to add another badass year to the history books. Cheers!

Photography by: Max Mandell, Matt Dowsey, Brendan Lutes