Surf And Turf

There are certain events every year that are a must-attend on our list. Surfercross is one of them. A two-day get together of both the surfing and motocross communities; Surfercross lightheartedly pits surfers and motocrossers against each other over the course of two days—one at the moto track and the other at one of the most popular SoCal surf spots, San Onofre. Nearly 20 years ago, the event was created by current JGR/Suzuki team manager Jeremy Albrecht and has continued as a passion project for him. Today, it brings together a core group of surfers, riders, and industry insiders for some fun in the sun and dirt. Surfing and the SoCal scene have always been a part of what makes up Fasthouse, and we came on as the official apparal sponsor this year, bringing our own flare and good times along for the ride.

Day One: Milestone MX

Surfercross is a team event, as the surfers and motocrossers are randomly paired up to compete in a team race and team surfing competition. The first day is when the teams are chosen randomly out of a hat, and it's where the surfers—who for the most part rarely ride—take their lives into their own hands, navigating the Milestone MX track. With temperatures hovering around triple digits, day one went off without a hitch and with a ton of smiles, laughs, and post-race bench racing.

Day Two: San Onofre State Beach

With everyone making it through the first day unscathed, the beach was a welcomed sight after the heat and dirt of Milestone. And after the challenging moto day for the surfers, it was the MXers' turn to look like rookies, floundering around in the surf. As was the case with the moto day, the surfing competition is held as a team event, as each team participates in heats together, working their way through elimination to the finals. In moto, the riders help the surfers with pointers, and in surfing, the surfers assist the riders with tips on catching waves. Some try to get some pre-comp practice, but there are the few that just wing it and it's often pretty comical.