Til the Wheels Fall Off


When our friends from Swap Moto Live asked us if Fasthouse wanted to be a part of the second annual Ignite Trans Am Vet Classic, I immediately went to the drug store and purchased Geritol, Metamucil, and Extra Strength Advil for the team. Then I dialed up our +25 Moto Crew to represent Fasthouse at the event. Jeremy Chaussee was the first to answer the call.


The weather was epic, and the track was ideal for us racers more developed in years. Chaussee came off the couch to race the +40 Pro Class on Saturday and did it with style. Chaussee was running second in the first moto after a poor line choice allowed the leader Keefer to pull away a bit, Keefer was able to keep the gap until the checkers. 

In the second moto Chaussee was out for blood. Chaussee literally pulled into his gate moments before it dropped! He ran second right on Keefer’s ass literally running into Keefer’s rear tire in a corner causing him to hit the deck on the third lap. Chaussee went 2-3 on the day. Josh Hansen put on a clinic in the +30 Pro motos Saturday.

It was killer watching Hansen carve the hills of Glen Helen at a national pace. Little Hanny said he had so much fun on Saturday he came back out on Sunday to race for no points, just glory. And for the rest of the Crew, anytime on two-wheels is a good time.

Words by Jason “FONZY” Fontes

Photos by Trevor Nelson