The Scene

East Bound and Down Under

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Tyler Bereman travels down under for an epic road trip through the East Coast of Australia and parts of New Zealand. Joining him on the Journey is a long time friend Jase Macalpine, the Host of "Gypsy Tales" podcast. Tyler and Jase reunite and the good times begin. Ahead of them are rolling green hills, epic dirt jumps, gnarly whips, farm jam, and a few bumps in the road.

After a rad first couple days of riding Tyler unfortunately crashed hard and took a little dirt nap at the 5060 compound. With a few days of rest/ rehab Tyler’s head was back to normal and he was back on a bike. He even managed to sneak in a ride with Todd Waters and Matty Macalpine before taking off to New Zealand. Once in NZ the boys headed to the infamous “Gorge Road” trails and met up with another Fasthouse Athlete, R-dog, to see him shred on a bike, share some laughs, and get ready for Farm Jam, which both Tyler and R-dog were attending. Farm Jam is one of those places that almost seems to good to be true. Populated by rad people, sweet jumps/ trails, and everything fun on two wheels. 
The road trip "East Bound & Down Under” has come to an end and TB is back in the states, but the journey continues…Tyler and Jase will get together for more good times in the future. That’s just what they do. Until then, tune into the journey by watching these videos and scrolling through the photo gallery. "