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TDS Enduro 2019

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Fasthouse Bike Crew descended on the red clay hills of the Sanchez Family Ranch in Grass Valley, California. TDS is an event like no other, it is loose, down to earth, all about community and good times. The Sanchez Family made us a part of the TDS tribe this year as one of the sponsors, we were stoked for the chance to join in on the journey. Locked and loaded with six of our top athletes we put them up to one task for the weekend, have a good time. While Shane Leslie, Cole Picchiottino, and Travis Claypool represented the newly launched Trek/Fasthouse Enduro Team they were out competing for the top spots, we had the likes of Tyler McCaul, Ryan Howard and Austin Warren showing off their style, all while bringing in some solid finishes. The beer flowed, laughter echoed through the valley, and everyone participated to this story in unique ways. Whether you were racing or cheering on the side lines a smile on your face was a permanent fixture.

This yearly gathering of rad people is something special and you can feel it in the air. We want to thank the Sanchez Family for kicking ass as always! We can't wait for next year. The pictures can tell the rest of the story.

Photos: Max Mandell @maxmandell_

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