The Way it Was

There was a time in Southern California when racers started in Newhall and traversed miles through deserts and mountains to a finish line in Big Bear.  A time when a caravan of motorcycles roared down Ventura Blvd. to a field meet at Crater Camp close to Mulholland Dr. & Topanga Csnyon Blvd. when a course ran through the hills and crowded streets of Avalon on Catalina Island, when twenty to thirty thousand spectators cheered on their favorites at two movie ranches located just outside of Hollywood; Westlake and Hopetown.  And imagine a starting line a mile long lined with 3000 bikes ready to take on the desert between Barstow and Vegas.  Incredible. 

The Great Ones are Gone

And then there were a few So Cal tracks we where it all went down that we loved.  They were called Saddleback, Indian Dunes, Carlsbad, and LACR.  There was a feast of great places and great races.  But their greatness was cut short as "few rules and regulations" soon became a thing of the past.  An era ended when over zealous environmentalist and sue happy people went on the attack armed with nothing more than inflated egos and greed.

But those who blazed new trails and built traditions will be forever remembered for their contribution to motorcycle racing's history.

We love when rules were few.